What are the four characteristics of chemical production

Release time:2023-03-30

(1) The material is dangerous

Most of the raw materials, semi-finished products, by-products, products and wastes in the production process of hazardous chemicals are hazardous chemicals with flammable, explosive, toxic and harmful dangerous characteristics.

(2) The process is complicated

Complex chemical reactions: such as oxidation, reduction, hydrogenation, nitrification, hydrolysis, sulfonation, amination, etc. Complex process: involving reaction, transportation, filtration, evaporation, condensation, rectification, purification, adsorption, drying, crushing and other chemical unit operations. Complex automation control: DCS, ESD/FSC, SIS, PLC, etc. Complex maintenance operations: prone to electric shock, radiation, college entrance examination falls, mechanical injuries and other accidents.

(3) High temperature and high pressure (low temperature and vacuum).

1. The pressure of ammonia synthesis reaches 32Mpa

2. The production pressure of high-pressure polyethylene is 300Mpa

3. The temperature of the cracking furnace in the ethylene production process is as high as 1200 degrees Celsius

4. The cryogenic separation temperature of ethylene needs to be reduced to minus 167 degrees Celsius

5. The danger caused by high pressure

6. The danger caused by high temperature

(4) The potential danger, conditions and triggers of the concentration of hazard sources.

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