What is the difference between basic chemicals and fine chemicals?

Release time:2023-03-30

Common chemical raw materials generally belong to basic chemical industry, such as sulfuric acid, nitric acid, hydrochloric acid, caustic soda, PVC, petrochemical industry, coal chemical industry, etc. are important chemical raw materials, and basic chemical industry is an important raw material of fine chemical industry;

Fine chemical industry is a highly comprehensive and technology-intensive industry. Fine chemical products include 11 product categories: Pesticides, dyes, coatings (including paints and inks), pigments, reagents and high purity substances, chemicals for information purposes, food and feed additives, adhesives, catalysts and various additives, chemicals (apis) and household chemicals, functional polymer materials in polymers.

The differences between basic chemical industry and fine chemical industry are mainly as follows:

1. From the perspective of scale, basic chemical industry is usually large in volume, continuous production, high investment, and covers a large area. Fine chemical industry, however, has a small volume, mostly intermittent production, relatively small investment and small footprint.

2. From the perspective of added value of products, the output of basic chemical products is high, but the added value of products is low. Basic chemical industry must increase in volume and scale.

Fine chemical products have low output, but high added value. Although the amount is small, they are necessities. For example, catalysts, auxiliaries and intermediates used in basic chemical industry are indispensable for basic chemical industry.

3. From the perspective of technical maturity, basic chemical industry has mature process package, mature process technology, wide adaptability, often a set of drawings can be used in several projects, little change;

Fine chemical technology is not very mature and needs to be carried out forward research and development. Generally, large-scale fine chemical enterprises have their own research and development center to produce the same kind of fine chemical. Different enterprises adopt different process routes. The quality of the products also varies.

4. From the perspective of variety, the varieties of basic chemical industry are relatively simple, and there are some by-products.

Fine chemical industry, however, has many varieties and is updated quickly, so it needs to constantly carry out product technology development and application development, so the research and development cost is very high.

5. From the perspective of technical barriers, the basic chemical industry has a mature process package, so its technical barriers are relatively low, and the requirements for technical research and development personnel are not particularly high; Fine chemical industry has high technical barriers and high research and development costs, so it has a certain technical monopoly, high requirements for technical research and development personnel, and a certain ability of forward research and development.

Is there a big difference between the average wage level of basic chemical and fine chemical workers? For field operators and workshop directors, the salary levels of basic chemical industry and fine chemical industry are almost the same, but the salary levels of research and development technicians of fine chemical industry are much higher than those of basic chemical industry. Meanwhile, the research and development centers of fine chemical enterprises are generally set in the first and second tier cities, which often have high requirements on technical personnel, especially the small laboratory synthesis. Generally requires a master's degree or a doctor's degree;

Fine chemical industry is one of the most dynamic emerging fields in today's chemical industry, and it is an important part of new materials. Fine chemical products have many kinds, high added value, wide applications and large industrial correlation, which directly serve many industries of the national economy and various fields of high-tech industries. Developing fine chemical industry has become the strategic focus of adjusting chemical industry structure, upgrading chemical industry level and expanding economic benefits.

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