Adhere to the circular economy and develop fine phosphorus chemicals

Release time:2023-03-30

Vigorously implement the project of upgrading the industrial chain. Cultivate the leading enterprise of fine phosphorus chemical industry chain and take it as the leading enterprise. Chain owner , gathered a group of specialized special new. The little giant. Fine phosphorus chemical enterprises, joint association, Chamber of commerce, new promotion institutions to lead the construction of upstream and downstream enterprises alliance of phosphorus chemical industry chain, promote the integrated development of fine phosphorus chemical industry chain, Form an industrial chain of high-end phosphorous electronic grade chemicals, phosphorous silicon fine chemical products, fluorinated new materials and fluorinated chemicals, new energy materials, phosphorous gypsum and phosphorous slag solid waste production of new wall materials.

In view of the key core technology requirements of the fine phosphorus chemical industry chain, the government takes the lead to support leading enterprises of the fine phosphorus chemical industry chain to build national and provincial industrial innovation centers, technological innovation centers and manufacturing innovation centers. Support leading enterprises to take the lead on key industrial chains by means of revealing-list system. Get stuck in the neck. Technological industrialization breakthrough. Master super gravity technology, membrane process coupling technology, micro chemical technology, magnetic stabilized bed technology, supercritical fluid technology, and develop efficient solid precious metal catalysts, new membrane separation materials, new photocatalysts, electronic grade phosphorus chemicals and etching liquid and other products. To develop key chemical technologies such as phosphogypsum production of new energy saving and environmental protection building materials, production of new phosphogypsum brick, cement retarder production of phosphogypsum, ammonium sulfate production of phosphogypsum, glass-ceramics production of yellow phosphogypsum slag, yellow phosphogypsum tail gas purification and production of carbon chemicals (formic acid, sodium formate, formamide, glycol).

keyword: Adhere to the circular economy and develop fine phosphorus chemicals