Build the refined management ability of chemical enterprises

Release time:2023-03-30

If a chemical enterprise wants to break the current situation, it needs to improve its overall operation from the overall perspective and consider its operation decision from production, supply, marketing, storage, operation and other perspectives. Therefore, the leadership of the enterprise will also be faced with a long period of multi-objective complex decision. Faced with such a multi-stage and multi-objective joint decision-making problem, the previous decision-making method will not be applicable, instead of quantifiable, refined intelligent management decision-making system.

Through intelligent decision-making technology, the construction of the overall intelligent management decision-making system to achieve intelligent upgrading, so as to more reasonable arrangement of production material resources, to achieve profit maximization. Chemical enterprises can forecast sales volume with the help of business decision-making system, master market dynamics, make production plans more scientifically, and reasonably plan enterprise supply chain. Business decision system can be profit-oriented, guide the overall purchase, production, inventory, shipping. At the same time through optimizing capacity planning and production process, progress in line with environmental control requirements.

keyword: Build the refined management ability of chemical enterprises