How to build a global business decision-making system and build refined management capabilities in the chemical industry

Release time:2023-03-30

In recent years, the chemical industry market competition is more and more fierce, the demand is good quality, fast delivery, good price, production and delivery pressure of enterprises. In addition, the chemical industry is affected by upstream and downstream business volume fluctuations. For example, the recent rise in international energy prices, combined with high shipping prices, pressure on cost control of chemical enterprises; On the other hand, under the influence of local international situation, the price of some chemical products (such as fertilizer) has soared, and the market demand is changing rapidly. Chemical enterprises need to timely understand the changes in the end-use demand of products and quickly adjust their business. To be specific, the current challenges faced by chemical enterprises are as follows:

In the front section of supply, the types of chemical raw materials are complex, the price of bulk futures fluctuates greatly, the material demand and supply quantity constraints are diverse, the distribution method is complex, the demand of different production lines varies greatly, and the overall planning of enterprise procurement and supply is difficult;

mid-stage production, continuous production, capacity expectation is full, but demand fluctuates. Combined with environmental protection policies, power limiting, on-site logistics and other factors, how to match market demand, reasonable allocation of production capacity, production of appropriate types of products to maximize revenue;

For sales in the latter segment, information flow is one-way, information sharing and coordination between departments are lacking, plans of various departments are separated, and the overall operating situation cannot be seen; How to use the existing resources, the shortest time to achieve the optimal effect, improve revenue, support growth.

These challenges put forward higher requirements for the quality of business decisions in all aspects of chemical enterprises, such as the allocation of production resources, production scheduling tracking, refined process management, marketing system and production and marketing coordination. The traditional business decision-making mode based on business rules + experience decision-making can no longer meet the needs of enterprises, and a more intelligent decision-making mechanism is in urgent need.

keyword: How to build a global business decision-making system and build refined management capabilities in the chemical industry